Saturday, January 5, 2013

If I could turn back time

So, for the first time in the history of my mamahood, I'm wishing for time to stop.

I hear this from just about every mom and mom blogger I know (or don't know, I guess). Usually it's in reference to their newborns. "This is going by way too fast!" and "I wish that time would just slow down." But as most everyone knows, I don't make it any kind of secret that I'm not craaaazy about teeny babies. I have never ever wiped away a tear while packing up small sizes. I rejoice. We got through 3-6 months! We survived!

That first year, well that first year drags. It's all about the next new milestone. When will you sleep?! Roll over. Eat solids. Crawl. Feed yourself. Walk (that one technically took about a year and a half for my Incredible Hulk sized boy). How old is he? Well he'll be 7 weeks in 3 days. But the second year? You stop counting the days and weeks and months. You never say: well he'll be 73 weeks in 4 days. The second year flys by, and that's what scares me.

You think I'm worried about August getting older? Oh no no. Come on kid, control that central nervous system already! It's Sawyer that I want to pause. That's right, you heard me. Right smack in the terrible twos I want to stop time. People say it's because now they have a personality. No. He wasn't a piece of wood for the last 2 years, he had a personality. Now he has an OPINION. I'm right at the beginning of talking and right before the sass starts. He has the funniest little quirks. He tells the best stories, even if I can't understand a word of it. He can work and iPhone better than anyone over the age of 40. He has an overly dramatic polite laugh. He loves his brother so so much, he knows exactly who he is. After all, he was just with him not that long ago. The tantrums? Well those are out of this world, and if you asked me if I wanted him to stay that age in the midst of one I'd tear your face off. But most of the time I'd like to bottle up this age and keep it forever.

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Sawyer just had his 2 year check up so I thought I'd update this dusty old blog. Can I just say that 2 has been my favorite age so far? Am I crazy? Sure the tantrums are out of this world, like he embarrasses me at target pretty much every time we go. If I tell him not to touch the dishwasher (for the 100th time) he'll drop instantly and scream for 20 minutes without breathing once. But he's also so fun! He runs and talks, he has favorite movies and favorite parts of favorite movies. Like when the guards are chasing Flynn Rider on their horses (again!). He repeats everything we say, he recognizes emotion. Like if mama's crying well then he's going to cry too. I have a newborn, there's quite a bit of crying. Ok so to sum up; 2 is hard but awesome. Here are some stats.

Height: 35inches-so close to big rides at Disneyland!
Weight: 31lbs-actually down 4 pounds from his 18 month appointment. Failure to thrive.
Head: Big

He's saying about 40 words regularly. Some of my absolute favorites: Tooooooow=toe. Foooooot. Geeja=Jesus. Ahhhmimi!=Amen, he even throws in praise hands. Pay=pray. Feeeesh=fish. Ahmamama=mama. Dayee=daddy. And my personal favorite: Eyeoooh=I love you.

Favorites: Grandma and Grandpa (always, above everything else). Toy Story. Baby brother. He dotes on him like no other, and if brother is crying Sawyer will hug and dance for him, and August is finally starting to realize he's there. Anything with a screen.

When he's in a crowd of kids or off playing I'll see him search for mama's face and lights up when he finds it. Oh how I love this little guy. There's no way anyone is still reading this. Pictures!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Halloween post

Well it's no secret that Halloween is my very favorite holiday. We have about 2 totes of Christmas decorations. We have 7 for Halloween. Is that sacrilegious? Probably.

So it's also no surprise that I have some very strong opinions when it comes to most things Halloween, my biggest being costumes. Kevin and I kind-of-not-really-at-all met at a Halloween party where, get this, he wasn't even dressed up. Then when I saw him at the YSA Halloween dance he was just wearing his moms scrubs with a little bit of blood splattered on them. Points lost indeed. He's lucky I decided to date him at all, let alone marry someone with such poor priorities.

Costume regulations, just in case you were wondering:

1. Costumes must have at LEAST 3 elements to be considered a costume. For example: Shirt, pants, shoes. Shirt, face paint, headband. Hair, shirt, accessory. 3! Not just a shirt. Not just some plastic weapon. Not just clip on devil horns. No.

2. No repeating costumes: Which is ironic because for the first time ever, this year I'm repeating. But there's a loophole! Oh yes there is. If you alter or add to your costume it's allowed. Also allowed if one year you're something and the next you're the same thing BUT scary this time. This loophole expires after the second time the costume is worn though.

3. NEVER! Just wear your work clothes and call it a costume. Say "I'm myself for Halloween." Think you're too old to dress up. Ask yourself "Is this a little too much?"-no such thing. Be friends with someone like me.

And the absolute worst most heinous of costume offenses: Wearing a shirt that says "This is my Halloween costume." It's just never ok.

Happy Halloween!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Attention Attention

Coming this Thanksgiving

Monday, March 5, 2012

These boots are made for walkin

So after 15 1/2 months we officially have a walker. A toddler! And just like everyone said I would (darn you, everyone) the second he really started walking I thought to myself "why was this SO important to me?" My baby is gone, and a big walking boy has taken his place.

At the museum with Katie

YouTube Video

Walking around the park

YouTube Video

And this is how he goes down the slide. Cracks me up every time

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

15 months

Sawyer's big guy 15th month check up was today and here are his stats:
Weight: 27 pounds
Height: 34 1/2 inches
Head: I never pay attention. It's big, we get it.

He had a couple shots and only cried for a second. It was so much easier when I was able to nurse him during shots (I think I've talked about this before, I miss nursing if you haven't noticed) 27 pounds! My arms are getting pretty buff, lemme tell ya. Especially since he's not really a walker yet. I'll get to that...

Some fun stuff he's saying: Mama, dada, na, yeah, and possibly some form of "grandma" (you hear that, grandpa? Better get it together)

Some fun stuff he's doing:
He's not quiiiiite walking yet. He'll take a couple steps alone but he'd rather hold someones hand and walk around. But he's getting close folks, seriously. He loves playing peek-a-boo and thinks we can't see him when he covers his face (we can) and he loves Mary Poppins. He gives the DVD cover endless kisses. Mama? Not so much. Most of all he loves being outside.

Stuff we're working on: Feeding himself with a fork and walking. Come on already!

The end

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Friday, December 16, 2011

We wish you a merry Christmas

Growing up I would watch all the Christmas movies and envy the hollyfied houses. The garland cascading down the staircase, big luscious wreaths, stockings all hung by the chimney with care. I didn't know how Santa would find me in our little apartment, but he always did.

I thought that when you had a two story house that was it, you made it. You were rolling in the dough. As we looked for houses to buy I fell in love with some single stories but my heart still wanted a place to hang my garland. Now that I'm a professional when it comes to house buying I know that single stories are actually more expensive per square foot than two stories, and we are far from rolling in any kind of dough. But I have my staircase to hang my garland, and a fireplace to hang our stockings. And I am thrilled.

Here are some pictures of Sawyer and Santa that I'm sure you've all seen.